Road to Success

Stage 1 Applying for your Provisional Licence.

We are here to help. If you wish to apply for your LGV/PCV Provisional Licence we can send you the forms D2 & D4 in a pack with a price list and LGV/PCV Medical Centre information within the area.

We know of some Medical Centres that maybe cheaper than your own Doctors.

In the pack will be a compliment slip which will guide you through the completion of the Provisional Licence Application Form.

Once these forms are complete, take a copy of your Driving Licence back and front and post the original card licence with the D2/D4 to the DVLA in the envelope provided, there is no cost attached to this process except for the Medical. PLEASE SEE BELOW DETAILS OF MEDICAL CENTRES


Stage 2 Provisional Licence/Theory Tests

Once you receive your Driving Licence back from the DVLA you will not see a change on your licence, however you can check online, 'View or share your licence' the Government website to see your Provisional Categories.

Providing the correct Categories have been attached to your new licence then you can arrange with us to have a free assessment.

When you attend your assessment we can then lend you the study material and get your Theory Tests (Multiple Choice and Hazard Perception) booked at a time to suit. There are a huge number of theory test centres nationwide.


Stage 3 Pass Theory & Book Practical

You've passed your theory test - CONGRATULATIONS! Give us a call to book a date in for your practical test if you have not already booked a date. It will usually be booked at the same time as we book your theory tests.

We look forward to training you.


Stage 4 - Start Practical Training

Now is the time to get driving and begin your practical training. It could take a mere week to become an LGV driver, though it varies between individuals. When you have completed your assessment with us, the training hours to suit your ability ie: 16, 20 or 24 hours will have been given to you. Once training is complete, you'll take your practical test. Gordon Springate have a high success rate, which means you could be ready to hit the road sooner than you think!

We have a notice board with Companies that are looking for newly qualified Driver's.

At this point we wish you every success in your new career.


Stage 5 - Initial CPC course

Depending on the driving licence you have obtained, you'll need to take an initial CPC or do 35 hours to complete your periodic Driver CPC. Once these short courses have been completed you could be well on your way to finding a job.

Road to success driver


76-78 High St,
Gillingham ME7 1AY
01634 791179
approx £50

PHC House, St Leonard's Road
20/20 Business Park,
Maidstone, Kent ME16 0FJ
01622 677775 approx £70


Wells Clinic
9 New Street, Ashford
Kent TN24 8TN
01233 661662 approx £55

VM Medics
38 Bank Street
Kent TN23 1BA
07923 902928
Saturdays only approx £45.00